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About Shongjog

The Shongjog Multi-stakeholder Platform (MSP) is a collaborative effort made up of government, international and national NGOs and other groups. The MSP on Communication with Communities (CwC) will aim to ensure that there are identified credible sources of information, where information is managed and updated. The Shongjog MSP will also aim to promote trust between communities and the disaster response sector by recognizing voices of the community and reflecting them in strategies, policies and decision-making processes.

News From CDAC Network

Communication is key to overhaul safeguarding

For many, the word safeguarding does not mean very much. It does not necessarily capture people's experience or understanding of these issues.Are we doing enough to get vital information across for ...

Innovation only works for people if participation is core

We’ve seen first-hand how innovation will only work long term for people affected by disaster if they have a key role in the process and outcomes are, to some degree, locally owned and led.